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I have always loved coaching and training right back when I started in hospitality and in fashion retail where I quickly became interested in helping the teams I worked with excel in customer service and selling.  So naturally I got into consulting and training after successfully working up in organisations to leadership roles myself.

My zone of genius is helping clients have breakthroughs and paradigm shifts with their current strategies and teams.  I am a big believer that everyone has the right to be in flow and through discovering their natural talents and working the the leadership team to align job accountabilities to suit their talents people achieve this.

I have been so privileged to work with incredible clients including solo-preneurs, SME’s and some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest retail companies such as Woolworths, Cellarmasters, Dan Murphy’s, BWS helping them to generate 100’s of millions of dollars in additional sales.

In past years I was a co-presenter on the hit New Zealand TV show “Your Money Sorted” coaching participants to work through financial challenges, set goals and achieve what they thought was impossible which helps me cut through the limiting beliefs I too often see from sales teams I coach which directly impacts their ability to exceed their targets.

With such a passion for wanting people to be their best I inspired to make a bigger difference I got involved in stepUP Foundation after my TV show and worked with over 17,000 teenagers in NZ, Australia and the UK to inspire and educate them on what is possible in life and in business.

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