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There are many words to describe Yvonne – fabulous, dedicated, professional, inspiring. It is not only her workshops and coaching that inspire success in others, it is simply her presence. She instils confidence in the people she works with and this is her ultimate tool in helping sales people perform and sales managers support their people.

Yvonne regularly has people in her workshop who lack self-confidence, question their ability and have never sold before. I have seen her face some very difficult groups of newly hired people or even tougher, people that have been in a business doing the same thing for a very long time. In a short space of time Yvonne’s training completely transform individuals from uninspiring and unmotivated to a successful and driven sales person.

The numbers speak for themselves. The CMG businesses now have a much greater level of sales success from new recruits, all channels have seen YOY growth and the level of success has contributed to a far more positive culture, less attrition and greater engagement.

Viona Young

Organisational Development and Sales Capability, Woolworths Liquor

Yvonne has been one of the key people creating and supporting significant change within the sales team through her training philosophy and training methods as well as her one on one coaching sessions with the leadership team of the sales channel. Having Yvonne as a sounding board has been a pleasure as well as an inspiration.

Esther Westra

Service and Sales Manager, The Wine Quarter

I worked in HR alongside Yvonne in her Sales and Service Trainer role at Cellarmasters Wines. Yvonne immediately immersed herself in the business and quickly engaged staff with sales techniques that absolutely resonated with their customer service ethos. Yvonne’s graduates delivered brilliant sales increases to the business. Her level of professionalism and positive magnetic energy continues to amaze and inspire me!

Andrew Martin

HR Advisor - Sales & Service Team, Cellarmasters Wines

Yvonne’s energy is contagious. With her experience and knowledge in Sales and Business Training it’s no surprise that everyone I meet seems to know who she is. She’s in hot demand! Yvonne helped me first with my business years ago and with her training seminars and programs my business profits catapulted, as did the value I put on myself and my time. It’s an honour that I still get to work with Yvonne after everything she did for my team, my business and my overall personal development.

Jody Jelas

Since I worked with Yvonne, my entire drive has been better, I am more focused and more efficient with my time. I look back over this past year and honestly cannot believe what I have accomplished.
I presented in a major city (Australia and New Zealand) every month except two, I presented to over 130 chiropractors in Perth with feedback being “best ever technique program”. My husband & I grew our 2nd business selling chiro tables to Aust and NZ clients, and we have just recently opened our third business. I have successfully engaged and been a hands on mum to my 2 young girls and I continued to lecture the chiro students at NZCC. I look back and think “how the heck did I do it?” It all started with you…
You inspired me and ignited my potential. I realise I can “do it all” – and do it relatively well. Merry Christmas and thank you. With love and gratitude – Sheri xxx

Dr Sheridan Kay

Yvonne’s fear work is the quickest most powerful path through to clarity and disconnection from contrast that I think I have ever done. Being a mother and running a business with young kids has it’s unique challenges, time being one of them, and the Seven Deadly Fears not only helps you feel less isolated by them, but encourages you to work safely through the center of the fears to dissolve them completely. Not only am I more productive and less prone to resistance, but this process of fear diving is so safe I can teach it to my kids.

Phoebe Hook

In our first hour of coaching Yvonne’s Hilsz engaging and directive style turned around my thinking in key areas I had been struggling with. I took more action that afternoon than I had in the previous six months and with very rewarding results.

Yvonne has continued to play a key role in the development of my business and taught me to leverage my unique qualities while adding value for my customers. It’s about matching my inner game with my outer game. When we work and sell using our strengths success just flows. Contrary to popular belief success CAN be easy.

Sonja Petersen

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