Momentum Mastermind

​​​​ Designed To Help You Increase Your Income, Work Less, Play More

> One : One Coaching

> Live Events Each Quarter

> Group Training

> Wealth & Talent Profiling

> Special Expert Mentors

> For Women Wanting To Make Multiple 6 Figures


Are You Ready For Major Business Growth In 2018?

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    You Want To Be Part Of An Exclusive Group With Incredible Women In Business
    You are not alone and together we all achieve more.  Surround yourself with a powerhouse of other like minded women and reach new levels of success together.  
  • 2
    You Want To Scale Your Business
    Let's be honest there are only so many hours in the day and if you are still working 1:1 with your clients you are going to get burnt out.  In Momentum Mastermind grow your business through creating programs that leverage your time and impact.
  • 3
    You Have 50,000 Ideas And Need To Implement Like A Queen
    Having lots of ideas is awesome. This Momentum Mastermind is all about you taking action and getting your product out to a bigger market.  
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    You Know You Are Destined To Make More Money
    You can have more, you are worthy of more and you can start now making your dreams a reality.  Whether your goal is to make $100k, $500k or a million bust through the resistance and patterns that are holding you back.    

Biggest Problem I See
For Women Is..

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    Not giving yourself permission to be you in all areas in your business and life.
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    It can be so lonely in business and the struggle to find a tribe of women who 'get you' is real.
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    Struggling with what next steps you need to take.
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    Undercharging and feeling conflicted at times with growing your wealth.
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    Keeping up to date with best ways to stay fresh in the market.
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    Not converting sales with ease and grace.

I want to help you Triple Your Income 
Here's How.....

Align your business strategy and build the best team for you based on your zone of genius and natural talents. 

Guarantee you will easily increase your wealth and carve out more joy in your life.

Create assets and products that allow you to scale and leverage in your business.

Remove the roadblocks and increase your sales and profit, whilst reducing time in your business so you can have more fun.

 Expand your purpose and values to a wider audience that allows your message to serve more people/

 If you're the best kept secret you can't make a big impact.


When You Join Momentum Mastermind

12 Months Membership

Embrace all the best elements of live events, online learning, personal coaching and expanding your network in Momentum Mastermind.

3 x Two Day Events

Uplevel, implement and network for 2 days, three times a year with an extraordinary group of women in Sydney.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Each month jump on a private accountability call with Yvonne (30 mins). Achieve your goals and cut the excuses.  Make each month stronger.

Monthly Group Training

Yvonne teaches fresh content every month and invites you to bring your biggest challenges to the group call to have a breakthrough.

Expert Guest Mentors

Hear from cutting edge experts to excel your results faster at the live events and live online trainings. Exclusive trainings for Momentum Mastermind women.

Virtual Community

Never feel alone or that you have to always figure out the next step. Reach out and connect to the other awesome women in the private community.

Plus Get These Exclusive Bonuses

Talent Profiling

Discover your true talents and zone of genius and who best to bring into your team with this special unique talent profiling tool.

Value $500

Ignite & Scale Online Course

Kickstart your Momentum Mastermind with this 6 week online course to accelerate your readiness to scale.

Value $1200

Goal Setting Planning Day

Finish the year strong and ready for 2019 with a bonus planning day in November.

Value $1000

Live Event Dates

All events are in Sydney CBD

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    Thursday 23rd + Friday 24th February 2018
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    Thursday 1st + Friday 2nd June 2018 
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    Thursday 7th + Friday 8th September 2018 
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    Bonus Goal Setting Day 16th November 2018

Next Steps

All group calls are on zoom and recorded

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    Pre-work is sent immediately upon joining
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    First Group Call Wednesday 31st January 2018
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    First personal strategy called booked in immediately
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    Instant access to Ignite Online Program

About Yvonne Hilsz

I am a business coach and speaker specialising in money, mindset and sales...

My zone of genius is helping clients have breakthroughs and paradigm shifts about creating more wealth in business and in life.

In the last 15 years I have worked with women entrepreneurs doubling their cash-flow and halving their work hours and some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest retailers helping them generate $100’s of millions of dollars in sales.

My inspiration to help women truly succeed came off the back of co-hosting a TV show called "Your Money Sorted" where I saw the positive impact made possible with shifting how one relates with money.

At 37, single and with a strong and thriving business I decided I wanted to have a baby so I did as I knew my business would look after us..... fast forward...

Now I am Mumma to my gorgeous little girl Frankie who is nearly 4 and doing what I love helping women dissolve their money blocks and the fears they have with creating wealth in their life.

I have trained thousands of women in mindset, money blocks and sales and have put it all together in Momentum Mastermind.

My mission is to help as many women as possible transform their relationship with money, feel empowered, be financially savvy and have a plan in place. Its too important not to have your relationship with money sorted.

I would love to work with you and help you expand and grow your business.

Yvonne xx

What Women Are Saying...


I have always referred business owners who need to make a mindset shift to performance coaches but to be honest, I've been a bit skeptical when it comes to using one myself.  joined the program after seeing a video on Yvonne’s website.

She was talking about how to close a sale and I thought “what have I got to lose?” I thought what I wanted from the program was to improve my sales skills and I knew she was great at that. She has a seriously impressive track record. After I joined however it became immediately clear that the truth was that the reason I was having trouble closing was because I wasn’t confident in my own value. The problem was between my ears.

Since joining the program I’ve made some huge changes in my business. I’ve increased my prices by 50% and not a single prospect has batted an eyelid. Because they and I both know they’re getting significant ROI on every dollar. I’ve doubled my close rate.

I’ve identified the weaknesses in my business and gone ahead and made the necessary changes to my systems and processes because I have someone to be accountable to and a group of amazing women cheering me on. I’m expecting to see these results compound and accelerate as I move through the next 12 months.

Yvonne is a great fit for the way I like to work. She’s no fluffy feel good business coach (though I certainly feel great after a session with her). She’s action and results orientated. She’s full of great insights and clever tactics backed by tangible, real world experience and results and she’s a lovely, warm person to boot. I’d highly recommend her.

Stacey Fisher


Joining Yvonne’s program has been such a fantastic experience. I felt that I had plateaued in my jewellery business and was faced with so many competing priorities that they all ended up sitting in the “too hard” basket! Yvonne (and the other lovely ladies in the group) has helped me achieve a high level of focus and work out what steps I need to take in order to succeed.

I have taken away so many great learnings, such as valuing my knowledge (and confidently being able to charge what I am worth), focusing on high revenue generating tasks and working in a way that maximises efficiency and motivation. This is knowledge that I know will help push my business forward, and I’m very excited to see how it grows in the future! Yvonne’s Mastermind has shown me the value of investing in myself and learning in weeks or months what would have taken me years to figure out myself. Definitely go for it – she is amazing!

Fairina Cheng

Is This Momentum Mastermind Right For You?

This group will lift you to new levels if you are a right fit...

Who is this for

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    Women who have a business and they want it to grow.
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    Women who are prepared to take action.
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    Women who thrive  in a community of other like minded entrepreneurs
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    Women who want to triple their turnover and work less hours and have more fun.

Who is this not for

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    Women who don't want to grow and learn and think they know everything.
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    Women who are struggling to make ends meet.
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    Women wanting a quick fix.
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    Women who bitch and moan and don't take responsibility.

Momentum Mastermind

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    12 Months Membership
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    3 x Two day Events - Thu/Fri in Sydney
  • check
    Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • check
    Monthly Group Training
  • check
    Expert  Guest Mentors
  • check
    Epic Like Minded Community
  • Bonus 1 - Talent Profiling Value $500
  • Bonus 2 - Instant Access to Ignite 6 Week Course Value $1200
  • Bonus 3 - Planning & Goal Setting Day in Nov $1000
  • Any travel and accomodation costs not included to attend live events.

Your Investment

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    $10,000 for the 12 month membership (paid in full)
  • check
    12 month payment plan $1000 x 12 payments
  • All payments are in Australian Dollars.  GST added for AU residents only.


Who is the Momentum Mastermind for?

What happens next?

How long do I have access to the course?

How many hours should I dedicate?

Can you guarantee I will get results?

Get Momentum Today!

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