I am hearing from a lot of retailers that trade is down and the first question I go back with is “how often are your team picking up the phone and connecting with their clients”?  Often the response is “not enough”.

It can be easy to sit back and hope that your latest email, blog post or marketing campaign is to do all the heavy lifting to generate sales and yes they are important to keep consistency in the market, picking up the phone and going old school will bring in some surprising results.

A lot of people shy away from this thinking they have to be a trained ninja in sales and mind trick to make people buy.  This is so not the case.  Besides that will send your clients packing as this feels too pushy.  Instead.  Start calling clients to connect and show them that you care, then you can reengage and build momentum up with them.

I explain this more in this video….

Anyway, I hope you find this useful. Check out my website.  There’s lots of useful tips around sales, service and how you create a high performing team. Thank you.

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