6 steps for creating and launching your own Digital Program with Yvonne Hilsz

Helping women business owners scale and leverage their business is the foundation of Momentum Mastermind. We are encouraging and inspiring women to scale and grow their own business and have outlined 6 steps for creating and launching your own digital program.

  1. Validate your Digital Idea

It is vital to research your market before you begin to create any digital content. A great tip is to research within Google Trends and search for topics of interest. Another tool to look into when validating your digital idea is Google Keyword Planner. This will give you the information regarding the monthly search volume and projected competition on keywords.

Validating your digital idea is the very first step in launching your own digital program.

  1. Setup a Waiting List

This is a great next step as it assists in understanding the validation of your digital program, as you will see the number of people that are interested. Additionally, people love anticipation so this is always a great marketing tool prior to launching. Perhaps integrate a countdown into the launch of your digital program to get people excited.

  1. Free Content

As soon as you have your landing page set up on your site you need to give people a purpose to visit your site and sign up. The best way to do this is through free content. Remember, content is QUEEN. Begin writing quality blog content for your site as this will drive traffic to your site and give you the opportunity to capture the reader’s email address.

This will bring organic traffic to your website and is something you will need to focus on and work on throughout your entire planning process and even once your digital program is launched.

  1. Logistics
  • How are you going to collect payments for your digital program?
  • How are you going to sell the digital program from your website?
  • How will you capture customer data?
  • What email software are you going to use to keep your target market up to date on the launch of your digital program? – Active Campaign is my favourite.

This is a fundamental stage as you now have early user feedback so you can tailor these elements as much as possible. This is also your opportunity to tweak your product based on early user feedback. Customers do appreciate updated versions so this is the perfect time to tweak your digital program.

  1. Creation of the digital program

Now that you have begun the process of building your email list and building a community, you can now work on your digital program and start gaining feedback from your target market. This is the opportunity to pre-sell your online course and work on building excitement and anticipation about what is to come.

  1. Launching your digital program

Starting with email blasts to your email list to let them know that you are delivering a solution to a problem that they have within your digital program. What is your point of difference with your online course? This is the time to tell the world! Remain testing your digital product and tweaking it due to customer feedback, and adding value when you can.

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